Social Responsibility

About SDGs

We seek to contribute to communities

as a social value creator by

undertaking CSR and CSV initiatives

Under our 2025 Vision, we seek to materialize an attractive and sustainable society as a social value creator company. This is in keeping with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030 that the United Nations General Assembly adopted in September 2015. We believe that SDGs are an element of corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a company and part of creating shared value (CSV) efforts with society. We are accordingly undertaking CSR and CSV activities as a social value creator with SDG activities in mind.

CSR edition

Meeting Our Corporate Social Responsibilities

Our CSR program encompasses undertaking work practice reforms, efforts to address the gender gap, and corporate citizenship initiatives activities.

The Group

Since 2002, we have cleaned up Yoyogi Park every April as part of community contribution initiatives near our headquarters in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo.

Around 100 people take part in cleanups

Activities to Become an Attractive Enterprise

The Group engages in various initiatives to create vibrant workplaces that reward diverse people.

Women’s Network activities

Women’s Network Activities aim to enhance workplaces through Group company initiatives and by creating environments in which females feel more comfortable seeking advice about concerns.

Employees endeavoring to make our Group a better place for women

Work-Life Balance Initiatives

Oriental Consultants Co.,
Ltd. And Chuou Sekkei
Engineering Co., Ltd.
acquired Kurumin Mark

Oriental Consultants
Global Co., Ltd. received
Eruboshi certification
(second stage).

CSV edition

Approach to CSV activities for creating new shared value

In 2011, we adopted the CSV management concept that Professor Michael Porter of Harvard Business School helped to formulate to resolve social problems and foster corporate growth. Our activities include contributing to social sustainability, building attractive communities, and undertaking local disaster prevention and reconstruction efforts.

Restoring Sake Brewery and Safeguarding the Environment

[Kaisei, Kanagawa Prefecture]

Oriental Consultants Co., Ltd.

We are helping to revitalize Kaisei and make it more attractive, notably by restoring a sake brewery and managing historical homes. Natural infrastructure efforts setting up areas in which fireflies can flourish and helping to educate local children about the environment.

Restoring Sake Brewery

Seto Shuzo Co., Ltd., was founded in 1865. We restored the brewery after an operational hiatus of 38 years. The facility harnesses local resources, making the neighborhood more attractive and showcasing techniques.

Supporting Regional Education through Tourism Education Program

[Ukiha, Fukuoka Prefecture]

Oriental Consultants Co., Ltd.
Research & Solution Co, Ltd.

We run an annual tourism education program for elementary students in the town as part of activities to foster community learning. We divide students into study groups to assess local tourism resources and create sightseeing maps. We determine the best final presentations and include them in the town’s sightseeing app. Through this project, we help students nurture their love for their hometown and revitalize the region.

Final Presentations

The numerous attendees at this very successful event included parents, school and municipal officials, and people from local shops whom children spoke with in their research.

Supporting Local Disaster Prevention and Reconstruction

Oriental Consultants Co., Ltd.

We aim to improve disaster prevention capabilities by drawing on cooperation between the government and community to plan and implement disaster drills as social experiments and plan and run symposiums on approaches to disaster prevention measures. We are ready to rush to disaster scenes and contribute to regional reconstruction. We are committed to swiftly rebuilding public facilities and reducing the potential damage of future disasters.

Disaster Drills

We conducted drills at Okutama Town Hall and town-run hospitals on conveying landslide damage information, and held hospital evacuation drills.

Assisting with Disaster Restoration and Prevention Overseas

[Philippines and Nepal]

Oriental Consultants Global Co., Ltd.

Disaster prevention has gone mainstream worldwide. It is the fruit of the efforts of the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction to encourage governments around the world to prioritize disaster prevention policies. Prevention is an urgent challenge in developing countries, which increasingly experience disasters stemming from climate change and rapid urbanization. We are identifying needs in various countries, particularly around Asia, using advanced technology to help prevent and reduce disasters.

Nepal: Tackling the Challenges of Earthquakes

In the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake of April 2015, we conducted damage assessments (assessing seismic hazards and risks) in the capital and Kathmandu Valley, where it is feared that earthquakes could occur to prevent further damage.

Contributing to Renewable Energy Deployments in Cooperation with Regional Communities

Oriental Consultants Co., Ltd.

We are collaborating with regional communities to develop power businesses that harness renewable energy. One example is a micro hydroelectric power project in Nakatsugawa, Gifu Prefecture, for which we improved generating facilities and repaired and upgraded agricultural canals that have supplied water to paddy fields and pastures since the late 19th century. For solar power operations in Minami-Alps and Showa in Yamanashi Prefecture, we rolled out a setup in which local residents can use the electricity free of charge in the event of disasters.

Nakatsugawa Micro Hydropower Project

We are building close ties with the community, running an eco-friendly micro hydropower project. We have invested in this initiative, leveraging a fixed price purchasing system in selling electricity.

Developing an Eco-Friendly Smart Infrastructure


Oriental Consultants Global Co., Ltd.

Indonesia’s economic has grown rapidly in recent years, making the stable supply of energy a national challenge. Since 2008, we have been involved in a facilities development project at Hasanuddin University, handling planning, engineering, bidding, and construction supervision. We have undertaken a range of collaborative proving tests that use renewable energy. We fund an endowed chair to foster the development of engineers and contribute to further economic development.

Smart School Infrastructure

We set up this infrastructure at Hasanuddin University’s Center of Technology. We will draw on the results of this effort to materialize eco-friendly smart public facilities, including for hospitals and government offices.