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Message from The President

ACKG Ltd. Hidenori Nozaki,President

Hidenori Nozaki, President

We seek to become a social value creator by flexibly addressing social changes and bolstering existing businesses while expanding
our operations in diverse fields.

We established the Oriental Consultants Holdings on August 28, 2006, following a transfer of shares from core Group company Oriental Consultants.
Since our creation, we have catered to changing times and social conditions by engaging with various enterprises that share our values while formulating and rolling out management strategies to expand extensively in Japan and abroad.
We formulated our Social Value Creator slogan as part of a new vision to propel further growth. We will augment our values of safety, security, comfort, and dynamism to generate more social value by helping to create more attractive and sustainable communities.
We set forth a medium-term management strategy with targets for 2025. We aim to harness Group strengths to expand our business domains and generate new value. We will thereby create and expand businesses and markets in Japan and overseas while strengthening our corporate brand to secure diverse human resources, cultivate a cadre of professionals, and put in place a common Group infrastructure to foster collaboration within and outside of the Group.
Our people will work together to pursue further growth and become a social value creator, and look forward to your ongoing support and encouragement in that regard.