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ACKG Ltd. Hidenori Nozaki,President

Hidenori Nozaki, President

We will Adapt to Social Changes, Reinforce Existing Businesses, and Expand into Diverse Fields to Become a Social Value Creator

We started out as Oriental Consultants Co., Ltd., in 1957, forming the Oriental Consultants Group in 1999 and the ACK Group Inc. in 2006. We became Oriental Consultants Holdings Co., Ltd., at the end of 2018.
Since our foundation, we have responded to changing social conditions and contemporary needs by formulating and deploying management strategies with companies that share our Group values. We have expanded our business robustly in Japan and abroad. In drive further growth, we formulated a vision for 2030 as a social value creator. We have committed ourselves to basic strategies to drive change, pursue innovations, and meet new challenges.
The pandemic, progress with process digitization, and contributions to reaching Sustainable Development Goals should transform societies in coming years. We will accordingly pursue management measures based on our basic policies of creating and expanding businesses, securing and training people, and developing infrastructure under our medium-term management strategy toward 2030 while keeping tabs on social trends and growing steadily to reach our 2030 goals.
The Group is united in its resolve to materialize our corporate mission of contributing to the creation of affluent lives and dreams for people all over the world. We look forward to your ongoing support and encouragement for these efforts.