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Topics of No.6 (September, 2011)

Oriental Consultants Company Limited

Engaging in a large project that helps ameliorate traffic congestion and air pollution while contributing to economic progress

We concluded an agreement with the Hanoi Urban Metro for a project to construct an approximately 11.5-kilometer urban railway from Nam Thang Long to Tran Hung Dao in central Hanoi. The contract is for 12 years. The diverse tasks encompass work on an underground section of about 8.5 kilometers (covering seven subway stations), an above ground section of around 3 kilometers (covering three stations), train depot construction, project management services for electrical equipment systems and rolling stock, and operational management services after operations begin. The new rail services should contribute to reducing traffic congestion and air pollution while contributing to the Vietnamese economy.

Our proposals earned high regard from local officials.

Oriental Consultants Company Limited

Helping to greatly raise living standards through the completion of the East-West Highway project

This project is to construct and upgrade 21.8 kilometers of a highway with three lanes in each direction passing from east to west through the center of Ho Chi Minh City. Completion of the project should greatly enhance living conditions along the route. Distributing goods across the east and west should improve considerably by eliminating bypass times. The project became quite difficult owing to delays in purchasing land and numerous technical issues. Extending access east to west from a highly concentrated city should contribute to development in the zone.

Connecting central Ho Chi Minh City with a tunnel crossing the Saigon River.

Oriental Consultants Company Limited ASANO TAISEIKISO ENGINEERING Co.,Ltd. A-TEC Co.,Ltd.

Engaging in numerous initiatives to support recovery and reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake

Many ACKG employees have provided various supports in ravaged areas since right after the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Oriental Consultants set up the Earthquake Recovery Office within its businesses on June 1, 2011. The office offers diverse survey, engineering, and tangible services and recovery planning and other intangible services to aid a full-fledged turnaround. The office assists earthquake recovery initiatives in Ibaraki, Fukushima, and Iwate prefectures. The office sets up joint ventures with local enterprises in those locations and exchanges opinions with local government leaders, based on which it prepares proposals covering such areas as the environment, energy, transportation, and welfare.
ASANO TAISEIKISO ENGINEERING Co., Ltd., is employing its geological survey expertise to survey quake-affected river levees. This company received a letter of appreciation from the Shimodate River Office for contributing to disaster recovery efforts. A-TEC Co., Ltd., received an order from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism to produce data for analyzing quake-generated changes in the terrain.

Oriental Consultants has been providing support since right after the quake, primarily to disaster-hit areas/Letter of appreciation that ASANO TAISEIKISO ENGINEERING received from the Shimodate River Office

Oriental Consultants Company Limited

Attracting and enhancing the satisfaction of foreign tourists
Helping Japan become an important tourist destination

It is vital for Japan to provide an attractive transportation, accommodations, and destination infrastructure to fulfill the Tourism Agency’s program goal of attracting 30 million tourists every year. It is a challenge to address the infrastructural shortcomings that have been pointed out. The Tourism Agency thus decided to create a strategic infrastructure for six tourist areas. We will launch a model initiative to create multilingual signage and enhance hospitality according to local needs. We will identify issues through business operations and impact assessments. We will explore business continuity and look into spreading our approach in other locations.

Signage in English, Korean, Chinese, and other foreign languages is becoming more common on railways and other public facilities and at tourist destinations.


Linking smart phone features and cloud servers
SOCOCA—A promising corporate service

SOCOCA is a cloud storage service for mapping smart phone data. The service tags location information and photos and registers them on the cloud server. People can view mapped information in real time on their browsers. The service is simple to use and has practical features. It has considerable application potential in various sectors, including for disaster inspections, car park management, real estate, and tourism and leisure.

SOCOCA concept chart